A Veteran Owned Authorized American Heart Association Provider of First Aid and CPR courses.

Our Aim in Instruction is :

To Be Ready
The Military trains their Service men and women to be “Always at the Ready”- Because disaster can strike at any time, we want to teach you how to be prepared. 
To Be Quick in response
Because mental barriers to can slow us down, or even hinder us from responding, we want to train you to knowingly assess the situation and rapidly react.

To Be Adaptive

Because emergency situations almost never happen the same way you read about it, we not only want you to know how to do things theoretically (By the Book), but to also be practical and know how adapt to the situation; while staying within your scope of practice. 

To Be Compassionate
Responding to emergency situations ultimately revolves around a human life. We at Eagle 1 CPR know that emergencies can happen to anyone, and sooner or later, we all will need help. We believe that human life is priceless, and we see helping one another is one of the greatest things we can do.