A Veteran Owned Authorized American Heart Association Provider of First Aid and CPR courses.

Our Vision:

The Eagle 1 CPR’s Vision is to continue to hire and bring the knowledge and experience of Combat Corpsman/ Medics to equip the community (civilians and healthcare workers alike) in providing necessary and emergency care to the public. In this scenario, everyone wins. Not only does the community benefit from their knowledge and experience, but the real beneficiary falls upon the veteran. They get to work with familiar concepts and settings; training and leading men and women to thrive in emergency situations.

These veterans have experienced much, and even have gone through extensive training. Yet when they get out of the Service, they are deemed inexperienced, uneducated, and unhireable due to their lack of “normal” or even said “formal” education and experiences. Here at Eagle 1 CPR, we acknowledge their diligent training and qualification to equip others in handling critical situations. The way we see it, there is no one better to do it, but them. As the company grows we hope to hire more veterans, ones that will continue to cultivate a community that is always ready to help.